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Fluidwell premises


Established in 1993, Fluidwell is a family-owned company in Veghel, the Netherlands. Fluidwell has enjoyed steep year-on-year growth and continues to achieve new levels of innovative quality in display solutions for the industrial processing industry. Now, Fluidwell offers an enormous range of 200,000 products to the worldwide market, including displays, indicators and transmitters for almost any situation and industrial application.

Fluidwell premises

It all began with a dream shared by Eric Rath and his brother Paul Rath (†). The brothers started in a tiny office in Veghel, fleshing out an innovative idea to revolutionize the industrial processing industry. In a market dominated by mechanical counters, they invented a new digital control system for the accurate filling of milk containers. Their initial clients were very enthusiastic. Once the market at large discovered their new ways of measuring flow and batches, the orders rolled in. Encouraged by this success, the Rath brothers developed many more solutions for various applications.

Fluidwell now serves a wide range of industries such as Food, Pharma and Chemical. However, Fluidwell is most active in the oil and gas industry. Fluidwell’s success in this demanding area can be explained by their easy-to-deploy-and-maintain, intrinsically-safe and explosion-proof products. Products that can stand the harshest conditions (extreme temperatures, soiling, saline corrosion). Fluidwell continues to raise the bar in developing products that offer clients real solutions to their challenges.