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B-In-Control upgrade

As you may expect from Fluidwell, we are continuously improving our products. Whether you refer to our up-to-date hazardous area certifications or our constantly growing product portfolio.
Recently we’ve upgraded the B-In-Control Basic Batch Controller. The upgrade is incorporated for the B-In-Controls ordered from March 1st 2021.

Addition of 2-stage control functionality:

The menu 'OVERRUN' is extended with sub-menu "PRECLOSE" with a 7 digit value on the top line according to the TOTAL decimals. The amount set at this menu will switch off digital output 2 before the end of the preset value. When value 0 is entered, the preclose is turned off and digital output 2 is switched at the same time as digital output 1.

Batch process:

  • Both digital outputs switch on when a batch is started.
  • Digital output 2 is switched off at the "PRECLOSE" quantity before the batch is complete.
  • Digital output 1 is switched off when the batch is complete.


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