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Batch controlling in harsh conditions

A customer required an accurate and user-friendly Batch Controller for supplying the precise amount of water to produce the required concrete mix. Because of the heavy duty applications they needed a product with a high ingress protection to prevent cement powder and water hose downs penetrating the instrumentation.

It was accomplished with a Fluidwell F030 Batch Controller which is the most rugged in the market. It has a robust IP66, IP67 (NEMA Type4X) field enclosure. It withstands harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, salty atmospheres and temperatures between -40°C up to +80°C (-40°F up to 176°F). It can easily be cleaned with powerful water jets.


  • A satisfied customer with reliable and efficient concrete mixers.
  • An accurate batch every time due to self-learning overrun correction.
  • Saves time, cost and aggravation as it is easy to clean with water hose downs.
  • Easy to use, no time consuming training or difficult instruction manuals required.

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