Fluidwell doubles warranty period for displays!

It goes without saying that process interruptions are undesirable and very costly. Therefore it is sensible to use reliable and quality parts in the production process, avoiding the "penny wise, pound foolish" trap with cheaper, but unreliable instruments. Recognizing this need for reliable and durable displays, Fluidwell has always pursued excellence in quality and reliability. To support this claim, the warranty period for displays has now been doubled to two years.

99.8% of the displays Fluidwell ships out, are never seen back again, and of the 0.2% Fluidwell does get back, half are because of improper use. To double the warranty period is therefore a signal of goodwill and evidence of our trust in our products and to strengthen our reliability core value.

The warranty period extension to two years is effective immediately and retroactive for displays purchased in the last two years*.

*NOTE: The retroactive effect only applies for new warranty repairs of products bought within the prolonged warranty period. It does not apply to repairs done in the past.

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