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Fluidwell launches F093 Tachometer Monitor

The F093 is a field mount Tachometer monitor, able to simultaneously display the engine speed and running hours for safe and hazardous area applications. The running hours can be reset to zero by pressing the CLEAR button twice. Both running hours and accumulated running hours are backed-up in EEPROM memory every minute. One alarm output is available to transmit the engine speed or total running hour alarms. The engine speed can be set to switch for a low, high or both alarms! The tri-color backlight provides three methods of indication: steady red, flashing red or green in case of an alarm. This is an excellent and quick way of indicating alarm conditions without the need for external devices.

Robust and user-friendly

The rugged IP67 (NEMA4X) F093 withstands even the most extreme weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sun, salty atmospheres and temperatures as low as -40°C/-40°F or as high as +80°C/+178°F without expensive protective cabinets. The F093 is so rugged, you can even stand on it!

The mounting possibilities are extensively diverse: panel, wall, pipe mount, or directly onto outdoor sensors. Mounting, installing and programming of the F093 is so easy, it can be done quickly by your own crew, saving the cost and trouble of hiring expensive specialists. Like many around the world have already experienced: You've got to have a Fluidwell!

Easy to operate

The F093 is outstandingly user-friendly. Configure with a simple, logical menu-driven structure, instead of with difficult hardware changes or programming schemes. The F093 comes with alphanumerical descriptions for each setting, instead of confusing abbreviations and difficult menus. Once familiar with an F-Series product, you can program ALL models in ALL series without need for a manual: Know one, know them all! Save on programming cost and time with Fluidwell.


  • Tachometer applications where monitoring of the engine speed and running hours is important and both need to be displayed and registered.
  • Robust IP66, IP67 (NEMA4X) field enclosure. It is so rugged, you can even stand on it!
  • Intrinsically Safe available - ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA approval for gas and dust applications.
  • Programming can be done by your own crew, with the sensible menu-driven structure, saving cost and irritation. Know one, know them all!
  • Very diverse mounting possibilities: walls, pipes, panels or directly onto outdoor sensors.


Curious if this tachometer monitor matches your application needs?
More info: F093 product page, with technical specifications and datasheets
Or feel free to contact a Fluidwell expert: Sales support

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