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Logged frequently, read out easily!

When you easily want to monitor your flow measurements over time, the data logging at our E110 and E112 Explosion Proof Totalizers is the perfect tool for you!

It can hold up to 2824 logs containing flow rate, total, accumulated total, date and time stamp. The data logging is extremely user-friendly to configure and read out. Logs are divided into interval, daily and event logs. You can navigate through the logs using the bright LCD screen and the very easy-to-operate through glass keypad. Even more user-friendly is the remote configuration and data log extraction via a PC / laptop using the free downloadable E-Series Configuration Software.

Experience yourself

Check this interactive tutorial and experience how easy it is to configure and read out the data logging at our E-Series Explosion Proof Totalizers.
This tutorial shows an E-Series with realistic clickable buttons, to simulate exactly how an E-Series will operate when you program it yourself.

Check below video tutorial to see how you can configure data logging on the E-Series.

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