NEW: Expansion plugs & glands accessories range

Our range of accessories has been expanded with various metallic (Brass nickel-plated) cable glands, blind plugs and a polyamide breather valve. The metallic cable glands offer a safe EMC protection. The single cable glands will be delivered with a dome plug to seal the entry when necessary. The polyamide cable glands and blind plugs will include a locknut.

The breather valve is useful for maintaining stable conditions within the enclosure despite external factors or pressure changes.

Note 1: The non-metallic (Polyamide) blind stops have an ambient temperature range of -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +176°F), so it is not exactly the same as the F-Series.

Note 2: Do not combine metal enclosures with non-metallic cable glands or vice versa. A metal cable gland in a non-metallic enclosure could invalidate isolation. A metallic enclosure could damage a non-metallic cable gland, causing a poor thightening. A metallic cable gland is better equipped to secure the earthing connection of the cable and metal enclosure.

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