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NEW: Improved backlight!

As you may expect from Fluidwell, we are continuously improving our products. Whether you refer to our up-to-date hazardous area certifications or our constantly growing product portfolio. We proudly present our latest upgrade for the F-Series and D-Series displays, an improved bright white backlight (option ZB). This will be available from February 1st 2017.

The F- and D-Series with backlight become identical to the E-Series and N-Series. The bright backlight ensures good readings in all lighting conditions.
An alarm condition can be indicated by a clear red flashing backlight which can be seen from great distance, ensuring a quick follow up when necessary. This is available for the following models: F013, F043, F053, F073, F077, F113 and D013.

All orders with F-Series and D-series and backlight which are confirmed after February 1st 2017 will be produced with the new improved bright backlight.

Check video below to see all the benefits of our unique F-Series display.

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