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New website and identity

Intuitive, easy, complete:
We are excited to introduce our new website to you!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. A brand new online identity, underscoring our position as a leading supplier of custom-made process instrumentation products for nearly all hazardous areas or environmental conditions in the world.

Our website sheds light on our new motto: Your success counts as it is our goal to provide you with the optimum equipment to accurately transmit, convert, process, display and monitor any desired process variable.

On our website we are happy to provide you with a simple and intuitive navigation structure that will bring you to your best product match in just a few simple clicks. We also added a range of new features including relevant downloadable product information such as datasheets, certificates and software. In addition, you can use our quick online Product Configurator for fast and easy determination of your perfect product-application fit.

Next to our website we will keep you informed on relevant product updates, developments and innovations via this newsletter. We are also working on more commercial and technical videos to provide you with the most essential information you need to promote, install and service our products in the field. Last but not least: We are open to co-create custom promotional tools to support your commercial goals.

We are really proud of our new responsive website – working seamlessly on any device – and think it will create a positive experience for you and your customers.

Feel free to notify us if you have any comments about our website.

Thank you,
Team Fluidwell

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