Niek van Tuyn new Managing Director of Fluidwell bv

Niek van Tuyn has taken up the role of Managing Director of the Fluidwell Group. With day-to-day operations out of his hands, Eric Rath has created herewith more time for more focus on customer relations and the development of new product / market combinations. Niek (38) has been working for Fluidwell since 2012 as Manager Operations. Fluidwell's Well Informed editorial staff interviewed both Eric and Niek about this change.

Well Informed: "Why this move?"
Eric: "As a company we are very successful and growing continuously. I noticed that consequently the last few years I was spending more and more time on day-to-day operations. But of high value to me is spending my time as much as possible with customers and work with them on solutions from Fluidwell. That is where my heart lies, that is where I make a difference for our customers and organization, and that is what has made Fluidwell the company it is today."
Niek adds: "As Manager Operations, I was already leading large parts of the organization, so it was a natural move for the company to unburden Eric and let me deal with all daily operations. It is also an expression of our 'Professional' core value: We focus not only more on the strengths of Fluidwell, but also on the strengths of the different people within Fluidwell."

Well Informed: "How will the customers of Fluidwell notice this change?"
Eric: "Obviously I will have more time on my hands to visit and talk to them. They are our most important stakeholders, after all. I am feeling confident that they will notice the extra attention and the results thereof."
Niek: "Indeed, and secondarily, we have secured that also further in the relationship, promises are kept and order fulfilment will be at the high reliability and quality levels customers expect. With accepting this new role, I have made this my first priority."

Well Informed: "As a Fluidwell relation, to whom should I go with which questions?"
Niek: "For all operational questions, whether on quotations, orders or deliveries, we have a qualified staff that is happy to answer them. When you feel you need to contact me directly about an issue, please feel free to do so."
Eric: "And like before, get in touch with me for all your solutions in the area of new product development for your business. Your success counts."

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