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Online Product Configurator

You've got to have a Fluidwell! But with over 200.000 combinations, what product will best suit my application?

We can help you answer this question with our online Product Configurator, available via our website. The Product Configurator is an easy tool to select and configure the best display for your application. You can find the link to the Product Configurator on our website as the first item on the left navigation colomn, there's also a flashing button underneath the navigation column.

We have made 2 video's to assist you in the product selection and the product configuration.
A short instruction video (of 4 min.) for a quick instruction and a full video tutorial (11 min.) for a complete, step by step instruction.

If you have any questions regarding the online Fluidwell Product Configurator, please contact us.

So with over 200.000 different combinations, there is always a Fluidwell that meets your application....

You got to have, a Fluidwell!

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