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Simplified Fluidwell Ordering Codes

The ordering codes have recently been simplified to make it easier to configure a Fluidwell part number, and to prevent different codes in identical products. Now it ensures the shortest code possible and will guarantee a consistent ordering code on confirmations, packing list, invoices, datasheets and product labels.

This resulted in the following (product) changes which demand your close attention:

  1. We will use the shortest ordering code as possible for each product.
    Options which are not available for a certain product will not be mentioned. E.g. an F012 has no digital or analog output, so the code OX (No digital output) and AX (No analog output) will not be mentioned.
    NOTE: when options are available but not selected, this will nevertheless be confirmed.
    E.g. an F110 has a Modbus communication option, but you can choose NOT to order it, so the CX (No communication) will be mentioned.
  2. The ordering code will be consistent at any communication level:
    confirmations, packaging lists, invoices, product labels, price list, datasheets, online product configurator and manuals.
  3. Additional (remote control) inputs are mentioned in the ordering code.
    E.g. At our advanced batch controllers the external start/stop option is standard available and now also mentioned in the ordering code.
  4. For our F-Series, one basic power requirement must always be selected (PD, PF, PL, PM or PX).
    Following our former ordering code scheme, it was not always explicitly clear what power options were active. Depending on the chosen power requirement, an additional battery supply (PB/PC) or a loop powered analog output (AP/AH) may also be chosen.
  5. For the safe area (XX) F1-Series the basic power requirement PX is moved from connector 7-8 to connector 0-1.
    The backlight supply is also incorporated at these connectors.
    For intrinsically safe F1-Series, the AP (with PX combination) is still at connector 7-8.
  6. For our D- and N-Series we will mention its applicability in safe area applications (XX) only.
    Your safe working environment is most important to us. That’s why we avert any confusion by adding XX for products not certified for application in hazardous areas. Products which are suitable for hazardous applications are indicated with XI, XF or XD.
  7. Option IC is renamed to option ZK.
    On the F- Series, the remote key control option is required if the XF (explosion proof) option is chosen. This remote key option is now renamed from IC to ZK.
  8. We have discontinued some unpopular analog input models in the F-Series.
    The 0-10V input models on most products and some 4-20mA input models have been discontinued. The pulse input models will remain available. Check the datasheets on our website for the current list of input models and options available.
  9. Explore the new ordering code scheme for yourself!
    You can also see the actual overview of the options and even see the relevant accessories for each product. Any questions can be sent directly to us. (
  10. Fluidwell selection guide available:
    Fluidwell has a diverse portfolio of nearly 70 different products, but what product is the perfect fit for your application? To support your selection, we have created this reference guide. Each product group is explained with a list of typical features, photos and display examples. You can easily compare the various options of the products with a clear table overview. Download here

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