UPDATE: F018 Flow Totalizer with pulse input retransmission

The popular F018 Flow rate Monitor / Totalizer with HART Communication is now available to retransmit the input pulse signal. This feature is often used for redundancy, for calibration purposes or to amplify and retransmitting the totalized value as a square (NPN) pulse signal. All other features and options remain the same.

Configurable digital output

One digital output is available, it can be set as an alarm output of the flow rate or as a scaled or retransmit pulse output of the totalized count:

  • The alarm output can be set to switch for a low, high or both alarms! 
  • The scaled pulse output reflects the count on the accumulated display.
    The pulse width is user defined from 0.001 up to 10 seconds. 
  • The unscaled pulse output retransmits (squared) the incoming pulse signal. 

The maximum output frequency is 500Hz. The output is a passive NPN signal.


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