Your success counts

Our goal

Your success counts

By default, we offer an extensive portfolio. Products that can be easily adapted to your needs. Moreover, we like to think along and ahead to achieve the best solution for any application. We have just one goal in mind:

Your success counts!

You want to be on track continuously when it comes to quality, safety and yield. Moreover, you want to work with systems that guarantee maximum performance and uptime, even under extreme conditions. Fluidwell offers you the best, future-proof answers in the field of signal processing equipment.

Flow indicators, totalizers and computers are our core business. We have the profound knowledge and experience to develop products that perform, always. We develop beyond specs, intrinsically safe, and explosion proof... because we know what works best and what the requirements are to keep working over time.

All our products stand for

Fluidwell stands for:

  • All info at a glance:
    Our versatile displays show the most important process data simultaneously.
    The bright backlight ensures good readings in all lighting conditions and a r
    ed flashing backlight can be set at alarm conditions.
  • Easy to install:
    Cost saving with various smart design features as multiple mounting options, spacious chambers, plug and play connectors and a 1” NPT thread for direct flow meter mounting.
  • Easy to program:
    Settings and messages are clearly indicated with alphanumerical descriptions, avoiding confusing abbreviations.
  • Know one, know them all:
    Intuitive configuration menu, saving time, cost and aggravation.
    Once familiar with a Fluidwell product, you will be able to program all models in all series without a manual.
  • Reliable:
    Fluidwell has always pursued excellence in quality and reliability. To support this claim, an extended warranty can be obtained.
    More-over our robust F-Series is so rugged, even a truck can stand on it! See video below.
  • User-friendly:
    The easy-to-operate, rugged and numerical silicone push buttons won’t wear out on harsh treatment or environmental conditions.
    The explosion proof E-Series has an easy-to-operate through glass keypad: no need to remove the front cover or to arrange a work permit.