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Process instrumentation has to deliver. Plant managers and operators depend on uninterrupted operation. Hassle-free equipment is the result of supreme quality across the board: ease of use and installation, optimum reliability, safety and durability, minimum maintenance and full compliance with laws and regulations. Fluidwell is an instrumentation partner that achieves these goals for you. With products and services you can truly count on:

You've got to have a Fluidwell!

Companies, organizations and the world around it influence our living environment. Sustainability is important in order to be able to do business in the future, as is connecting with relevant trends and developments.


In our mission to be the premier supplier of process instrumentation products, we manufacture equipment to accurately measure, convert, process, display and monitor any process variable. Through developing, manufacturing and marketing reliable and safe signal processing equipment. We work in close cooperation with our clients to find the right application for their systems. Our motto is:

Your success counts!

For most customer requirements, Fluidwell already has a product available. If you have specific demands: we will be happy to develop a new solution with you. Products that meet your needs and requirements and always have an intuitive, user-friendly and familiar interface:

Know one, know them all!

We are aware of our environmental impact and make considered choices, actively contributing to the energy transition by developing products that are necessary for this.

Fluidwell’s customer focus is flexible and based on mutually beneficial cooperation.
Underscored by our core values: Personal, Reliable, Professional and Outgoing.


Fluidwell supports several local clubs and initiatives, like:

  • Good News Centre Kenya
  • Veghel on Ice
  • Volleybal Vereniging Skunk
  • Voetbal Vereniging VOW
  • Sint Nicolaas-comité Veghel