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The E126 explosion-proof flow computer for corrected gas and liquid volume measurement. It measures the actual flow…

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Fluidwell D-Series panel meters

Minimal depth
Fluidwell D-Series: Limited depth panel meters

Panel meters for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement
The functionality coverage of the D-Series panel meters includes:
     • flow computers
     • process controllers
     • indicators
     • totalizers
     • batch controllers
     • transmitters
     • monitoring systems 
D-Series panel meters offer multiple combinations of sensor in- and outputs, power and sensor supply. There is always a D-Series panel meter that meets your technical requirements!

Waterproof D-Series
Fluidwell D-Series: Waterproof panel meters

D-Series panel meters are very user-friendly with a simple, logical menu-driven structure and alphanumerical descriptions of each setting. No difficult hardware changes or actions, nor confusing abbreviations and difficult codes.
Once familiar with D-Series panel meters, you can program ALL models in ALL series without a manual and save on programming costs and time. Know one, know them all!

Easy menu structure
Fluidwell D-Series: Easy menu panel meters

D-Series panel meters are a perfect solution for smaller, cheaper panels and panel doors, as it has a minimal depth clearance of only a few inches! Why bother with other panel meters, when you can save considerably on installation and panel requirement costs with D-Series panel meters?

Robust and sustainable
With D-Series panel meters you will save on installation and maintenance costs, experience less troubles and profit from its ruggedness and installation friendliness.

Alarm indication
Fluidwell D-Series: Easy alarm indication panel meters

D-Series panel meters are supplied in a unique, robust IP66, IP67 (NEMA4X) panel mount front enclosure made of die cast aluminum Its front size is 144 x 72mm (DIN). The enclosure withstands powerful water jets and even total immersion (demo). Therefore D-Series panel meters are the better alternative for your existing, not waterproof panel meters.

Choose for D-Series panel meters and always appreciate the benefits of its simplicity and broad and flexible applicability.
Experience like many before you: You've got to have Fluidwell D-Series panel meters!

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    (including input & output and power management features, and data sheets)
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