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The E126 explosion-proof flow computer for corrected gas and liquid volume measurement. It measures the actual flow…

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Smart K-factor conversion

The K-factor is a number that represents the amount of pulses which relates to the quantity of a material that passes the flow meter. It is also expressed as: number of pulses per unit of measure.
The smart automatic unit conversion is a feature that simplyfies your setup, it avoids entering 2 different K-factors for the (acc) Total and Flow rate.

When you want both the Flow rate and Total to be displayed in volumetric or in mass Flow measuring units, you can use the smart automatic unit conversion.
Units which can be selected are:

  • Volumetric: L, M3, US Gal, iGal, CF, Oil bbl, NL, Nm3, SCF, ML
  • Mass: Kg, Ton, Lb, US Ton, MG, G

When you want the measuring unit for flow rate to be volumetric and total to be mass or vice versa; or if you need a non-convertible measurement unit such as pulses, revolutions or no measuring unit. You will need to use the manual (hand) mode.

Convince yourself

Check this interactive tutorial and experience how easy it is to configure the smart automatic unit conversion at our E-Series Explosion Proof Totalizers.
This tutorial shows an E-Series with realistic clickable buttons, to simulate exactly how an E-Series will operate when you program it yourself.




The K-factor setting should be configured before installation to ensure correct measurements in any situation.
Note: When certain settings are changed during daily operation. These settings will only influence new measurements.

Check this video tutorial to see the Smart K-factor conversion tutorial for volumetric flow measurement on the E-Series.

Check this video tutorial to see the Smart K-factor conversion tutorial for mass flow measurement  on the E-Series.

Check this video tutorial to set the K-factors for simultaneous volumetric and mass flow measurement on the E-Series.

Check this video tutorial to set the K-factor for non-convertible units on the E-Series.