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The E126 explosion-proof flow computer for corrected gas and liquid volume measurement. It measures the actual flow…

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Process controllers

General Information


The product group "Process Controllers" offers the most advanced models of the Fluidwell product series. Typical applications can be found on locations where a reliable and constant flow or ratio is desired.

The functionality of this product group is based on two product series:

  • F-Series: this product range is supplied in a robust IP67 (NEMA Type4X) field mount enclosure and suitable for safe and hazardous area applications. The F-Series have been certified according ATEX and IECEx by DEKRA and according CSA C-US and FM for use in Intrinsically Safe applications. The F-Series is resistant to harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, salty atmospheres, temperatures between -40°C/-40°F and +80°C/+178°F) without use of expensive protective cabinets.
  • D-Series: these products are supplied in a unique DIN panel mount enclosure and is only suitable for safe area applications. The robust IP66, IP67 (NEMA Type4X) front enclosure is made of die cast aluminum and is unequaled by any panel mounted indicator in the market: The D-Series is able to withstand total immersion and even powerful water jets! Click here to see an impressive waterproof demonstration of the D-Series.

Wireless data re-transmission is offered with the ProcessMonitor products and services .

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Easy menu structure

The F-Series and D-Series are outstanding user-friendly. No configuration with complicated hardware changes or actions! Instead, each product offers the same simple, logical menu-driven structure. Each setting is clearly indicated with an alphanumerical description, without confusing abbreviations and difficult codes. Once familiar with a Fluidwell product, you can program ALL models in ALL series without need for a manual: Know one, know them all!

Both series have so many different combination possibilities for sensor in- and outputs, power and sensor supplies, communication and external inputs, that Fluidwell is able to produce no less than 200,000 different versions! With this variety of combinations, there is always a D- or F-Series that meets your technical requirements. For an explanation of the various options, please read the section detailing the F-Series or the D-Series products.

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The F120 single loop controller and F124 ratio controller are part of the Fluidwell process controller family and has been designed to offer outstanding control performance and provide a reliable solution for a wide variety of control applications; such as in chemical processing, plastic manufacturing and the aggregates and cement industry. Both controllers accept most inputs from flowmeters and have a 4 - 20mA output for controlling a valve or pump.

There is a bumpless transfer between the control modes. Another important feature is the safety mode, where a contact input closure will set the control output to a predetermined safety value. After releasing the contact, the former value and function will be reinstalled.

A more detailed description of each controller and it's typical features can be found in the specific product datasheet.

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For the process controllers, there is currently only one signal input type available:

  • Pulse signals for flow measurement: sine wave (coil) low sensitivity (80mVp-p), sine wave high sensitivity (20mVp-p), Namur, NPN, PNP, reed-switch or active pulses. For most signals a low pass filter can be enabled to ignore pulse bounce. The sine wave input can even be supplied with 10mV or 5mVp-p sensitivity (option ZF and ZG).
  • Analog signal (0)4 – 20mA for flow measurement. The input signal can be tuned within this range (e.g. from 4.0mA to 10.0mA). To avoid incorrect signal processing at minimum signal, a low cut-off filter is available.

Data protection More >>

All settings and totals are stored in EEPROM memory ensuring that no information is lost in the event of power failure or battery exchange.

On models containing totalizer functionality, to reset total, the CLEAR key must be pressed twice to avoid undesired initialization. Accumulated total cannot be reset to zero. The configuration menu and alarm values can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

Flow rate Controllers
F120Field mount - Flow rate controller with analog control output and high / low alarms
Ratio Controllers
F124Field mount - Ratio controller with analog control output and high / low alarms
Level Controllers
F074Field mount - Level / pump controller with one control output
D074DIN Panel mount - Level / pump controller with one control output