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For field mount indicators, we supply our F-Series with a lithium battery. This guarantees a max lifetime of 7 year…

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Field Time Control (FTC Technology)

FTC TechnologyFTC (Field Time Control) is an innovative product detection technology designed for e.g. bulk solids. With FTC Technology a sensors’ sensitivity increases considerably, making it applicable for various bulk products, even with extremely low dielectric constants. And getting more signal with lower variation for increased reliability and thus decreasing costs, increasing revenues and clearer insight in running processes. FTC is a new innovative technology where an electric field is generated between the transmitting and the receiving electrode. The cycle time of the FTC sensor changes as soon as a product intervenes this electric field. Applications with a sensor with FTC Technology provide a more reliable and cost effective solution.

FTC Technology graphics

The amount of clock pulses is direct proportional to the measured capacitance. Even a slight capacitance change or a small level change results in a considerable increase of the amount of counted clock pulses. Which makes the FTC technology more stable and reliable than traditional capacitive devices.

Some sensors from Fluidwell use this revolutionary FTC Technology, making it possible for even extremely low dielectric products to be measured. The innovative digital cycle time conversion into FTC counts results in increased production output and reduced downtime for all applications using Fluidwell instrumentation with FTC Technology. FTC is a, what we call, Capacitance 2.0 technology. Interested in knowing more about capacitance? Then check out our short, basic technical training on capacitance.