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The E126 explosion-proof flow computer for corrected gas and liquid volume measurement. It measures the actual flow…

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Level detection sensor

With Field Time Control (FTC) measuring principle

The LDS 300 Level Detection Sensor is a microprocessor controlled sensing level switch, designed to indicate the actual level, and to switch at preset levels of: liquids, powders, pallets, granulates and other bulk material inside a vessel or container. The display readout provides continuous level information via a bar graph and a numerical display. A changeover relay contact provides alarming or simple process control upon process offsets.
Why choose a Presense?
- Reduce unscheduled downtime by unique digital filtering technique for stable measuring in rough and electrically polluted environments.
- Innovative digital cycle time conversion into FTC counts results in increased production output and reduced downtime even for extremely low dielectric products.
- Reduces maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime because the LDS 300 predicts maintenance with the actual counts and percentage sensor coverage display.
- Reduce maintenance time and costs with the coded sensor diagnostics sent to transmitter head.
Application overview Presense


  • New innovative FTC technology.
  • Detects even very low dielectric products.
  • Choose from three stainless steel (AISI 316L) probe types: adaptive and/or rod probes for short and (non-)vertical mounting, and cable probes for long and suspended (vertical) mounting.
  • Displays continuous level information via a bar graph and a numerical display.
  • Flow rate: seven 17mm (0.67") or 8mm (0.31") digits.
  • A robust construction, suitable to operate in harsh industrial conditions.
  • Measuring in harsh, pressurized, abrasive, hot and corrosive environments.
  • An integrated programmable controller with intuitive LCD, LED backlight, a simple two button interface and integrated self diagnostics.
  • Easily programmable and intuitive set points, covering a wide range of applications and materials.

Power Supply

  • The LDS 300 has a universal switching power supply with reversible polarity. The ranges are from 12 - 350V DC or 15 - 250V AC.

Alarm Outputs

  • A failsafe high/low relay contact output, suitable for alarming and/or simple pump or motor control.

The Presense LDS 300 is suitable in a wide range of applications, but especially for industries with extremely low dielectric bulk products (solids and liquids) or rough and electrically polluted environments.

Presense product overview
Presense enclosure