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The E126 explosion-proof flow computer for corrected gas and liquid volume measurement. It measures the actual flow…

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Triflex LNI250 non-instruvise level measurement for conductive products


Adequate level measurement of conductive products inside a tank, like humid pet food, has been very difficult with highly sensitive materials, harsh environments (pressurized, abrasive, hot, corrosive) or complicated tanks. The resulting reliability issues have a negative effect on costs and downtime. To solve these problems, Fluidwell Instruments, a division of Fluidwell, launches an extension of its Triflex level detection sensors family: The LNI 250, a “Field Time Control” (FTC) based level detection sensor, which uniquely measures with great reliability from the outside of a non-metallic tank.

Triflex LNI 250

Discriminatingly unique
The distinguishing element of the Triflex LNI 250 is its ability to reliably  measure conductive material in a non-metallic tank without having to be present inside that tank and therefore without product contact. The tanks even need not be transparent. Its discriminating benefits include no risks of contamination of the product, easy access for maintenance (without process interruption!), suitable for small/complicated tanks, easy plug-and-play installation, suitable for aggressive materials or environments and insensitive to changing process conditions inside a tank. The yield is remarkable: Lower costs, higher output in better quality and increase in reliable measurements.

Key applications
The Triflex LNI 250 is suitable in a wide range of applications, but especially for industries with conductive bulk products (solids and liquids) where product contact needs to be avoided (e.g. out of health reasons or with acids). Also where placement of a sensor inside a tank is not possible due to the construction of the tank (too small/complicated) or where the environment inside the tank is highly abrasive or subject to change, the Triflex offers the solution. As well as for any company that wants to profit from less hassle and cost involved with installation (one-button set-up) and maintenance (easy access)!

FTC Technology

Field Time Control (FTC) Technology
The patented Triflex LNI 250 incorporates Field Time Control Technology (FTC). This technology generates an electric field between a transmitting electrode and multiple receiving electrodes. The cycle time of the FTC level sensor changes as soon as the solid particles are detected by this electric field. Advanced multiple receiver circuitry has been designed for reliably detecting various bulk products, (even with extremely low dielectric constants). The results are higher signals with less variation for increased reliability. This allows for minimizing cost, increasing revenues and providing clearer visibility of the process.

Triflex on a dryer

Single efficient solution
Louis Ras, General Manager of Fluidwell Instruments: “With the help of FTC technology we developed a unique product that makes a difference. The Triflex LNI 250 has been validated by several large manufacturers, including VOBRA, a producer of pet food in The Netherlands: Their set-up of a counterflow dryer for dog food, without access points on the inside, did not offer the option of measuring technologies like TDR/radar solutions. The Triflex LNI 250 has proven to be their only solution for a continuous and efficient process, stimulating output, margins and product quality. The additional cost benefits with installation and maintenance increased their satisfaction even further.”


  • Measuring through small or complicated, non-metallic tanks for contamination sensitive or aggressive products,
  • Insensitive to changing process conditions stimulating higher output,
  • Easy access for faster maintenance without process interruption,
  • Saving cost on additives, installation and maintenance,
  • Insensitive to product accumulation on the walls.
Product overview

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