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The E126 explosion-proof flow computer for corrected gas and liquid volume measurement. It measures the actual flow…

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Collect, visualise, trend and edit all your processdata with ProcessView
ProcessView is a stand-alone MS-Windows compatible software application, running on your own computer or server. It is easy to manage and configure in order to organize, view and visualize the measured data. You can organize all your data by location in a hierarchical-structured tree.

On reception of a data from a not yet 'known' M-Series, ProcessView will automatically create a location and necessary tags. Tag properties, like names, units and conversion factors, can be altered according to your requirements, like a tag for registration a room temperature or level of a tank etc..

'Drag & Drop' can be used to move tags as well as locations to different positions in the hierarchical-structured tree (of course without losing the registered measurement history). Locations and tags can be mapped on geographical maps, CAD drawings or bitmap pictures. Data can be printed saved and emailed in graphical (*.jpg) , tabular (*.xls) and report (*.html) form.

ProcessView Features:

  • Define as many tags as required
  • Organize measurements by location in a hierarchical structure
  • Assign 'view-only' users to locations they are permitted to consult
  • Map locations and tags on CAD drawings, Pictures or MapPoint templates
  • Supports 'Drag & Drop' to move tags, locations, charts and reports
  • Search for locations based on several criteria (e.g. limit exceeding values)
  • View recent values per location
  • View summary values per location (min., max., avg., count, quantity and std. dev.)
  • Playback measurements in time, with double time-axes to compare measurements in time
  • View measurements in tabular form
  • View measurements in graphical form
  • Define your own charts (SQL queries as well as visual properties)
  • More than 20 graphical types, like: line, column, bar, Gantt, pie, plane, bubble, arrow, point, surface, polar, radar and contour
  • More than 15 graphical functions, like: curve fitting, standard deviation, moving average, cumulative, and trend
  • Complete control of titles, legends, labels, axis, colors and other visual properties
  • Define your own reports (using SQL, XML, XSLT transformations and VB/JavaScript)
  • Supports printing, exporting and e-mailing charts as JPEG pictures
  • Supports printing, exporting and e-mailing historical data as Excel compatible sheets
  • Supports printing, exporting and e-mailing reports as Html documents
  • Suited for MS-Windows 2000, 2003 or XP
  • The ProcessView Starter-Kit version offers a 'Data Collector Manager' license to collect measurements from one M-Series.
  • Optional 'Data Collector Manager' licenses to collect measurements from different and multiple DAQ-sources.

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ProcessMonitor ProcessView

The ProcessView version from the ProcessMonitor Starter-Kit comes with an integrated 'Data Collector Manager' for one M-Series, but a full ProcessView licence offers integration of respectively 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 or more M-Series. In that case other data collector sources can be inputted as well, if desired.

 ProcessMonitor ProcessView

With the Player measurements can be played back and forward in time. The player chart is divided into two vertical parts, which are having their own time-axis and their own 'player'-controls. Each vertical part has a left and right Y-axis. For each Y-axis a tag associated to the current location can be selected. Because the same tag can be selected in the upper part as well as in the lower, it is possible to compare measurements of the same tag in time.

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ProcessMonitor ProcessView

You can define several charts per location. When creating a new chart, ProcessView generates a default chart based on the tags associated to the selected location. The default chart displays the measurements of max. 8 tags over the selected period. All tags are associated to the left Y-axis. The user may create, delete or alter the queries.
It's also possible to modify visual properties like attaching tags to a specific Y-axis, changing colors or adding function series e.g. curve fitting or moving average. Charts can be printed or saved or e-mailed as JPEG compatible pictures.

 ProcessMonitor ProcessView

You can define several reports per location. The report engine makes use of modern technologies like: SQL, XML, XSLT and scripting (JavaScript/VBScript), making the engine very powerful and useable to generated almost any kind of report, from simple flat-text CSV files to advanced reports in HTML or XML format.
When creating a new report, ProcessView generates a default report based on the tags associated to the selected location. The default report displays a summary (Count, Min, Max, Average) over the selected period. Reports can be printed, saved or e-mailed.

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ProcessMonitor ProcessView

The 'History'-page shows the measurements, over the select period of the tags associated to the selected location, in tabular form. It also includes a summary at the bottom of the sheet. The 'History'-page can be printed or saved or e-mailed as an Excel compatible sheet.


Minimum System requirements:

  • Pentium III/450MHz, 64MB RAM Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003 or XP
  • SVGA monitor (1024x768, 256 colours)
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (required for HTML reports)

Optional supported database systems

  • MS-Access (default)
  • Oracle (9i or higher)
  • SQL-Server (7 or higher)

Optional supported data acquisition sources for the ProcessView Unlimitted version

  • Modbus: Read-out of Modbus instrumentation (actual values only, e.g. energy counters)
  • OPC servers: Input from OPC servers (actual values only, e.g. energy counters)
  • XML servers: Input from XML files (http, ftp or file)
  • We can supply other drivers on request.

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