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The E126 explosion-proof flow computer for corrected gas and liquid volume measurement. It measures the actual flow…

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ProcessMonitor extended web-based 'Remote Monitoring Solutions'
Besides several stand-alone and/or local solutions, ProcessMonitor also offers extended internet based or web-based 'Remote Monitoring Solutions' for the benefit of (production) process efficiency, optimalisation, monitoring and guarding. The remote locations which should be monitored and guarded by the ProcessMonitor 'Remote Location Surveillance', can be located all over the world. The information for the user is available through the ProcessMonitor web-portal and can be used in example for (field)services or logistic purposes.

Some examples of process-parameters, where we can supply the 'Remote Location Surveillance' solution for: Pressure, level, temperature, flow, vibration or unbalance, dust emission, turbidity, conductivity, (solved) oxygen, etc. etc. Also a combination of these parameters at one location are possible.
Shortly: As long as your sensor, instrument, (field)device or other equipment has an analog output, you can take advantage of ProcessMonitor.

ProcessMonitor web portal features:

  • Monitor and watch over your processes using the internet;
  • Access from every PC in the world with an internet connection;
  • Web-server and its applications guarded 24/7 for maximum availability and reliability;
  • Optimal security of your data;
  • Subscription, no investment in hardware, software or maintenance;
  • Subscription including communication costs, so no surprises afterwards;
  • Overview page with recent alarms and events;
  • Alarm acknowledgement on the website, by e-mail or with a return SMS-message;
  • New software functionality, features & other developments can be shared with all subscribers;
  • Multiple Tags, e.g. level, flow temperature, pressure etc., per remote site/location;
  • Multiple remote sites/locations per user;
  • User dependent access-rights, e.g. full access or read-only;
  • Automatic data retrievals from remote site, 'push or pull';
  • Universal datacollector: all industrial communication protocols are implemented, other DAQ's and remote devices can be easily connected as well;
  • Historical overview, free to choose periods (max. 3 months);
  • Historical overview in trend graphs and table charts; (max. 3 months);
  • Export data to spreadsheet, e.g. MS-Excel;Export trend graphs to BMP, JPG, GIF, HTML and XML (only MS-Windows browsers);
  • Export data in CSV or XML format to integrate into your back-office system, e.g. ERP;
  • The complete web-based VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) solution for solid and liquid bulk inventory management.

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