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Fluidwell Instruments launches innovative Triangle product detection system

Adequate detection of bulk solids like powders, granulates and absorbing pellets is important for product quality, process efficiency and system safety in the bulk solids industry. Bulk solids have always been hard to measure because of their cohesive, low dielectric, fibrous and high moisture properties. This results in reliability issues and flow problems. Until now. To solve these problems, Fluidwell Instruments, a division of Fluidwell, launches the Triangle FSA 150, a “Field Time Control” (FTC) based sensor.

Triangle product detection systemWith FTC technology a sensors sensitivity increases considerably, making it suitable for adequately detecting various bulk products, those even with extremely low dielectric constants. And still getting more signal with low variation for increased reliability and thus decreasing costs, increasing revenues and clearer insight in running processes. The Triangle family consists of the sensor FSA 150 and an indicating transmitter FBS 300.

Key applications
The Triangle is especially designed for difficult product detection applications involving bulk solids like powder or granulates. The innovative FTC technology incorporates several new features to get the best possible product/air ratio in pneumatic transport applications and free fall systems ­following mechanical conveying systems. Bulk solid material: Polymer powder and super absorbent pellets. Typical applications:Waste water industry and diaper industry.

Your advantages
1. Also suitable for difficult to measure low dielectric products
The exceptionally high accuracy in flow rate measurement of the Triangle product detection technology makes it capable detecting weak signals. This is possible thanks to the revolutionary FTC technology. The unique sensor provides a signal corresponding to the detected bulk solids. The rigid stainless steel sensor with ceramic isolator is suitable for abrasive applications and supports “free fall” and pneumatic transport applications.

2. Multiple savings due to flush mounting
The flush mount sensor brings multiple cost advantages, ranging from less pressure loss and an uninterrupted free flow of the product (higher productivity), to less wear and tear resulting in a longer life span and less maintenance and downtime costs. Even with abrasive products like super absorber pellets.

3. Avoid downtime costs with less maintenance
The Triangle sensory system has no moving parts and therefore low maintenance costs and a longer life expectancy. The “wetted” parts of the FSA 150 sensor are made of stainless steel 316L and 99.9% pure ceramics, reducing wear and tear and mandatory maintenance to a bare minimum.

4. Save precious time and money on installation
The preassembled “plug and play” cabling allows easy and fast installation. The FBS 300 has been developed for typical industrial environments. Sturdy and weather-proof through its aluminum or GRP IP67 / NEMA 4X field mount enclosure, rain, snow, sun, salty atmospheres or temperatures as low as -40°C/-40°F or as high as +80°C/+178°F won’t affect its functionality in any way. It can be mounted directly onto sensors, walls or pipes and needs no protective cabinet at all. Panel mount is also possible, with only minimal depth clearance.

5. Improved diagnostics reduces downtime costs
The FBS 300 displays the raw signal of the sensor and signals standard error codes, which simplifies identifying reasons for and location of disturbances. This again allows faster trouble shooting, quicker remedy and therefore less downtime costs.

Challenges in bulk solids product detection
Mr. Louis Ras, General Manager of Fluidwell Instruments, proudly explains further: “The Triangle product detection system combines the advantages of ultrasonic and radar without their disadvantages. With the help of FTC technology we really developed a product that makes a difference in the industry. Over the years we received many requests for better detection of bulk products with extremely low dielectric constants. We challenged their problems in an innovative way and the result is that these companies now find in the Triangle a perfect solution.”

Functionality of FTC (Field Time Control):
Innovative product detection technology for bulk solids
A concentrated electric field is generated between the transmitting and the receiving electrode. The cycle time of the FTC sensor changes as soon as solid particles intervene this electric field. This is how the system provides a more reliable and cost effective solution for: product selection, solid flow applications like powder and granulates, pneumatically conveyed products and product/air ratio controlled applications.

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