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New format order confirmations

At the start of 2013 Fluidwell has upgraded its order management system for better handling your interests when ordering. The increased flexibility in processing your orders leads to improved lead times and more possibilities. Herewith we made it future-proof for handling an increasing number of orders and for the upcoming D0-Series, E1-Series and N-Series.

Confirmed ordering codes
As a result, the format of order confirmations has changed somewhat. Apart from graphical improvements, a change is in the confirmed ordering code (the so called 'pizza code'), which is now more elaborate and always mentioned completely. 

As an example:
Old version:   F130-P-AX-HC-OR-PM-XX-ZX
New version: F130-P-AX-CX-HC-EX-IX-OR-PM-TX-XX-ZX-1FW

The codes are in essence equal for the same product: The additional codes in bold ending with an X are not applicable and can be disregarded.
The new, extra code in italic indicates the product version, in this case a Fluidwell product. This changes only when an OEM version is ordered.
We are happy to answer any questions you have concerning the extended ordering codes. Feel free to contact us!

Definition confirmed date
Additionally we'd like you to know that the confirmation date mentioned on order confirmations is defined as the utmost shipping date and can not or no longer be interpreted as the arrival date on the specified delivery address. Due to different and uncertain transportation lead times we cannot specify arrival dates on your end with certainty. More information on lead times and urgent orders can be found when you login with your customer ID.

We understand this is a change we all need to get used to. We count on your understanding that this new way of working will prevent issues in the near future, which we all like to avoid.