Personal Reliable Professional Outgoing


Fluidwell stands for long term relationships and attentive and close cooperation. We go for personal relationships.


Reliability of our products and high quality services are essential to us. You`ve got to have a Fluidwell, count on us.


Helping businesses grow by providing a dedication to mutually beneficial long term relationships. Your success is our goal.


Progress and success are achieved due to our knowledgeable, friendly and competent staff. It happens at Fluidwell!


Summary of the market research 2012 results

The results of the online market research Fluidwell held amongst its customers are very positive for Fluidwell! Here's a quick summary for you:

    • General mark for Fluidwell (0-10): 8.6
    • General average mark for all services (0-10): 7.8
    • Best performances on (0-10) (top 5):
      • Reliability products (8.8)
      • Personal contact (8.8)
      • Technical knowhow (8.7)
      • Up to date certification (8.7)
      • Large assortment of options (8.6)
    • Why do you buy at Fluidwell (top 3)?
      • Reliability products
      • Ease of use products
      • Large assortment of options
    • Where could Fluidwell improve (top 3)?
      • Location
      • Attractive special offers
      • Technical trainings
    • Pretty or highly likely to recommend Fluidwell to others: 87%
    • What do you find most important (top 5):
      • Reliability products
      • Speedy answers/reaction
      • Technical knowhow
      • Reliability delivery dates
      • Easy/elaborate documentation
    • What do you find the least important (top 3):
      • Supplier location
      • Supplier size
      • Attractive special offers

All results give us a clear direction on where to concentrate for improvement. You will notice progression very soon!
We would like to thank all participants for helping us out. We plan to hold a research on an annual basis and hope to welcome your participation (again) coming year to help us and yourself out!