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Fluidwell launches D-Series

New DIN panel mount indicators bring unique features

Fluidwell celebrates its 20th anniversary with the launching of an exciting new line of products: The new D Series. An extensive selection of DIN panel mount indicators and controllers for liquid and gas applications for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement in industrial environments. In addition to simplicity and user-friendliness, which are already key features of Fluidwell’s F-Series, the D Series brings a unique feature in DIN panel mount indicators: Its IP66, IP67 (NEMA4X) front enclosure. Even total immersion is not an issue!

Waterproof D-Series

Robust and sustainable
The greatest advantage of this new DIN panel mount indicator is its unique waterproof qualities. The robust IP66, IP67 and NEMA4X type front enclosure withstands extreme weather conditions, powerful water jets and even total immersion! It saves lots of time and cost. For instance it is perfect for cleaning and wash-down applications without worrying about water damage. An impressive demonstration of the D-Series waterproof feature can be seen here. Note: The back panel is not IP67.

Easy menu structure

Fluidwell F-Series users already appreciate the simple, logical menu-driven structure, with alphanumerical descriptions of settings instead of confusing abbreviations and difficult codes. It saves significant time and cost in installation and programming. The D-Series is in no way different. Those familiar with an F-Series unit, can also program and install any D-Series unit without the use of the manual or hiring technical experts. It is truly: know one, know them all!

Minimal depth

A compact unit to fit and forget…
The D-series does not require special maintenance other than a periodic check of the casing and wiring. The long life lithium battery and special power saving options lead to a battery life time of up to 7 years. This saves considerably on maintenance cost. And with its minimal depth clearance of just a few inches, the D-Series is a great solution for smaller, low-cost panels and panel doors. It’s simply the better alternative for your DIN panel mount indicators.

Alarm indication

…but with a broad coverage
The new D-Series is available as indicator, totalizer, batch controller, transmitter and monitoring system for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement in safe area applications. It comes in multiple combination possibilities for sensor in- and outputs and power and sensor supply, with much more to come in the near future.

Notice: Options and functionality availability restrictions
The new D-Series will be launched only in D0 functionality to begin with. Avalable are:

Not available yet, but introducing in time are:

  • PT100 sensor input signal
  • HART communication protocol
  • D1 functionality

The HART communication protocol is expected later in 2013 and D1 functionality thereafter. Please stay tuned and follow the Well Informed newsletter, our website or Twitter account to stay informed on the latest developments on the D-Series!

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