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Fluidwell shortens lead times

Fluidwell shortens the delivery times from three weeks to only 10 working days! With this move we want to improve services to Fluidwell users even further. Time is money and every day production processes are not operational is costly, after all. Everything is still made to order and not from stock, so without any options you don't need and don't want to pay for. With our reliability, speed and quality, you've got to have a Fluidwell now more than ever!

Product overview

The new lead time of 10 working days goes for all Fluidwell displays series, except for the 300-Series. The special construction of this display prevents faster production and delivery times. The same goes for displays ordered with explosion proof XF enclosures. Both will keep a lead time of 4 weeks. Express orders are not possible for the 300-Series and XF option.

Express orders
The option for express orders (shipment 3 working days) is still available at a surcharge of € 50 nett per unit. Obviously the surcharge for rush orders (10 working days) is cancelled herewith. Please keep in mind, when placing your order, that there are no other options than express (3 days with surcharge) or standard (10 working days). Unless you would like shipment >10 days. As such we will confirm your orders.

Reflection time to change orders
With the reduced lead times for shipping your orders, we need to adapt the reflection time, within which you can alter your order freely. Changes/cancellation need to be communicated now within 2 working days after our confirmation (previously 3 working days). Any changes or cancellations after this two day period come with surcharges. As before, express orders cannot be changed/cancelled after confirmation.

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