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Fluidwell introduces the F190 General Purpose Monitor

The F190 General / Multi Purpose Monitor is a smart display that can perform a number of functions. Besides the focus on level, temperature and pressure applications (e.g. °C, °F, Bar, L, m3), the F190 can also work with other measuring units, such as: %, mA, RPM and more. Therefore, the F190 is a versatile system that suits many applications. Moreover, the F190 allows the possibility to create your own custom unit. It accepts (0)4 - 20mA input signals from any analog device. The F190 combines the functionality of the F090, F143, F153 and F170.

F-Series portfolio changes

Due to continuous improvement, our F-series portfolio has recently changed. We introduce the new F190 General Purpose Monitor that replaces several discontinued products. Moreover, we conducted several software adaptations. In short: • Updated F170 & F173 • New F190 • Discontinued F141, F143, F151 and F153

Launch: E126 Explosion-Proof Flow Computer

The Fluidwell E126 Explosion-Proof flow computer provides unequalled safety and ease of use. Opening covers is history. The through-glass keypad enables operability without interruptions. E126 is designed to withstand the harshest conditions.

Updated Privacy Statement

We have updated our Privacy Statement with full GDPR compliance.

F-Series portfolio changes

We've discontinued some rarely used analog inputs. At the F126 and F127 Flowcomputers we have discontinued the analog 4-20mA flowmeter and temperature inputs (Type A / TA). The flowmeter pulse inputs (type P) and the PT100 temperature inputs (type TP) remain available.