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Quick & easy: Remote configuration

There are many explosion proof flow rate totalizers on the market but only one can simplify your work. We believe that the remote configuration feature in our F103, F119, B-Series and E-Series can make your job easier! It’s our focus to develop displays for you which combine our known user-friendliness with our high quality standards.

Why will it make your job easier?

Simply connect your F103, F119, B-Series or E-Series to your computer, using the special USB cable and open the free downloadable remote configuration software. Actual values can be read and every setting can easily be changed. Even the configuration of multiple products with the same settings is done in a few moments with the “Save” and “Load” configuration buttons.
Every F103 Flow Logger and E-Series Explosion Proof Totalizer is configured in a few mouse clicks within a few seconds. That’s why the remote configuration will make your job easier!

What do you need

The remote configuration software can be downloaded for free from our website.
Every F103 and E-Series communication option is easily connected to your computer and requires its own specific USB cable assembly:
- Ordernr ACE01 for option CU: USB communication, mini USB at the side entry.
- Ordernr ACE02 for option CX: No communication / service connector, remote configuration is possible!
- Ordernr ACE06 for option CH: RS485 Communication
- Ordernr ACE07 for option CB: RS232 Communication

More functions

Besides the remote configuration, the software tool has some other benefits for you.
When your F103, F119, B-Series or E-Series is installed in the field with a Modbus communication option, the actual measurement values can be read easily. The total can be cleared with a simple mouse-click.
When your F103, F119 or E-Series also supports data logging, the log file can be extracted and saved to your computer as a .CSV file. Which can be opened and edited in MS Excel.

Your advantage

Whether you want to benefit from its ease of use for remote configuration or you prefer the total control when installed in the field, you’ve got to have a Fluidwell!