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Flow rate Indicator / Totalizer with receipt printer driver

linearization, analog and pulse outputs

Product description

The F119 is an advanced Totalizer with the unique function to send a “print receipt” command to a printer. The configurable ticket printing can be set for (daily) totals or delivery tickets. The F119 provides very precise linearization of the flow meters signal. In addition to the average K-Factor or Span, fifteen linearization points can be entered with there frequencies or values. The unit will interpolate between these points greatly enhancing accuracy in any flowrange. Even for very low frequency applications is catered. This linearization effects all displayed information as well as the signal outputs.

Displays total and flow rate simultaneously and additional accumulated total. A current day total (daily total) and 15 historical (previous) day totals can be enabled in the setup menu to be shown at the main display. On-screen engineering units can easily be configured from a comprehensive menu.

  • Configurable Totalizer / Delivery receipt printing function.
  • Robust aluminum or stainless steel 316L field enclosure (IP65, IP67 / NEMA Type4X) .
    It is so rugged, a truck can even stand on it!
  • Familiar easy operation with the Fluidwell "Know one, know them all" configuration structure, saving time, cost and aggravation.
  • Very diverse mounting possibilities: walls, pipes, panels or directly onto outdoor sensors.


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  • Displays simultaneous linearized flow rate and total, as well as accumulated total, current day total (Daily total), previous day total (both non-resettable) and 15 historical day totals.
  • Fifteen point linearization of the flow curve - with interpolation.
  • Analog and pulse outputs.
  • Large digit selection for flow rate or total.
  • Flow rate: seven 17mm (0.67") or 8mm (0.31") digits.
  • Total - resettable: seven 17mm (0.67") digits.
  • Accumulated total - not resettable: eleven 8mm (0.31") digits.
  • Separate engineering units for flow rate and total on the display.
  • Remote control input to print a ticket, reset total or to lock the “clear total” button.
  • LED backlight.
  • Smart K-factor configuration for volumetric or mass flow.
  • Easy configurable via PC with free downloadable remote configuration tool and special communication cable (ACE02/06/07).
  • GRP, Aluminum or high grade stainless steel enclosure.
  • Auto backup of settings and running totals in EEPROM memory.
  • Date and time continue in case of power failure.
  • Ambient temperature: -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F).
  • Various accessories are available for this product.


  • Liquid flow measurement with the need for tickets of deliveries and/or daily totals.
  • Applications with mechanical flowmeters where a precise calculation over the full measurement range and re-transmission of the flow rate and/or totalizer functions is required.
  • The F-Series is your first and best choice for field mount indicators. Especially in harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, sandy deserts, salty atmospheres and temperatures between -40°C up to +70°C (-40°F up to 158°F).

Product specifications

  • Signal Inputs

    • Flowmeter Inputs

      • Pulse type inputs:
        Reed-switch, open collector, NAMUR, NPN/PNP pulse, Sine wave (coil), active pulse signal.
    • Status Inputs

      • Remote control: print a ticket, external reset for clearing total or to disable manual clearing by the keypad.
  • Signal Outputs

    • Pulse outputs

      • Function: Scaled pulse output according to linearized accumulated total (e.g. a pulse every 3.25 gallons) or unscaled pulse input retransmission.
        Max. frequency: 500Hz.
        Retransmission: Minimum pulse duration: 50µs, square wave output based on frequency of (sine wave or coil) input signal. Adjustable pulse length from 1 msec. Up to 10 seconds.
      • Type: One passive NPN transistor.
    • Alarm outputs

      • None.
    • Analog outputs

      • Function: Re-transmitting the linearized flow rate - the output can be scaled to any range (e.g. 200 L/min to 1200 L/min).
      • Type: One galvanically isolated, loop powered 4 – 20mA output.
  • Supply

    • Power Supply

      • Long life Lithium battery.
      • 4 – 20mA Loop-powered.
      • Basic: 6 - 30V DC.
      • 8 - 30V DC + sensor supply.
    • Sensor Supply

      • 3.2, 8.2, 12, 24V DC.
  • Hazardous Area

    • Intrinsically Safe

      • Not available, for safe areas only.
  • Communication

      • Function: Ticket printing on demand (delivery), ticket printing of daily totals or at contract hour, read and modify all process data and settings.
      • Protocol: Modbus ASCII / RTU.
      • Interface: RS232 or RS485 2-wire.
      • Remote configuration via free downloadable remote configuration tool (see dropdown download above).

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