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Basic - Flow rate Indicator / Totalizer

with Modbus communication and isolated outputs

Product description

The Modbus communcation and isolated analog and pulse output signals make the B-Connected a dedicated flow transmitter for connection to an automation network or PLC. The display shows flow rate, total and accumulated total. The scaled pulse output re-transmits the accumulated total. The analog output re-transmits the flow rate. On-screen engineering units are easily configured from a comprehensive selection.

  • Basic flow measurement where re-transmission of the flow rate and/or totalizer functions or serial communication is required.
  • The B-Series is our most cost effective display but with all the benefits you may expect from a Fluidwell product: It’s durable, reliable and very easy to operate. Basic with a capital B!
  • Familiar easy operation with the Fluidwell "Know one, know them all" configuration structure, saving time, cost and aggravation.


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  • Compact design.
  • Displays instantaneous flow rate, total and accumulated total.
  • Isolated analog and pulse outputs.
  • Modbus RS485 communication.
  • Durable IP65 (Type 4X) field, wall or meter mount enclosure.
  • One 20mm (0.79") and two 16mm(0.63") knock-out hole cable entries.
  • “Know one, know them all” configuration structure.
  • Easy reading and programming with clear alphanumerical display.
  • Clear 12mm(0.5”) numeric digits and 7mm(0.3”) alphanumeric digits.
  • Bright LED backlight.
  • Auto backup of settings and running totals.
  • Lithium AA battery and 10 - 30V DC power supply.
  • Sensor supply: 8.2V DC.
  • Easy configurable via PC with free downloadable remote configuration tool and special communication cable (ACE06).
  • Various accessories are available for this product.


  • Basic flow rate monitoring with a precise calculation over the full measurement range, where a connection to an automation network or PLC is required.
  • The B-series offers you an economical solution for common industrial applications. Nothing more, nothing less.

Product specifications

  • Signal Inputs

    • Flowmeter Inputs

      • Basic types of flowmeter signals: Namur, Reed-switch, NPN, PNP and Sine wave (coil).
  • Signal Outputs

    • Pulse outputs

      • Function: Isolated, scaled pulse output according to accumulated total (e.g. a pulse every 3.25 gallons).
        Frequency: User definable: Off, Long (5Hz/100msec), Intermediate (33Hz/15ms).
      • Type: One isolated solid state output.
    • Alarm outputs

      • None.
    • Analog outputs

      • Function: Re-transmitting the flow rate - the output can be scaled to any range (e.g. 200 L/min to 1200 L/min).
      • Type: One isolated 4 – 20mA output.
    • Control outputs

      • None.
  • Supply

    • Power Supply

      • A single 3,6V lithium AA battery.
      • 10 – 30V DC.
    • Sensor Supply

      • 8.2V DC.
  • Hazardous Area

    • Intrinsically Safe

      • For Intrinsically Safe applications we recommend the F-Series.
    • Explosion Proof

      • For Explosion Proof applications we recommend the E-Series.
    • Class I, Division 2

      • For Class I, Div. 2 applications we recommend the F103.
  • Communication

      • Function: All process data and settings can be read and modified through the communication link.
      • Protocol: Modbus RTU.
      • Interface: RS485 2-wire.
      • HART communication is available with the F018 Flow rate Monitor / Totalizer.

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