E-Series: When Quality & Reliability matter

Above and beyond requirements

The robust solid die-cast aluminum and the stainless steel 316L E-Series housings are designed to guarantee safety. It takes the E-Series beyond the legal requirements for hazardous areas. In the harshest environmental conditions, as found in deserts and maritime climates with extreme temperature fluctuations, the durable E-Series consistently delivers accurate measurements.

Your advantages

  • Saves time and improves flexibility with the touch-through-glass keypad: no need to open the front cover.
  • Familiar easy operation with the Fluidwell "Know one, know them all" configuration structure, saving time, cost and aggravation.
  • Durable high-grade stainless steel 316L Ex d enclosure withstanding extreme (maritime) conditions (optional).
  • Explosion proof according ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA C-US.
  • Easy installation with the spacious chamber and plug & play connectors.
  • Cost saving with an easy to install, 1” NPT thread for direct flowmeter mounting.
  • Key information at a glance as the display shows flow rate, total, accumulated total, measuring units and a flow rate indicating speedometer.
  • Bright LED backlight.
  • Digital (pulse) outputs, analog outputs, Modbus Communication and USB port.
  • Pulse input retransmission, i.e. for calibration purposes or amplification and squaring of sinewave/coil signals.
  • Current day total (Daily total), previous day total (both non-resettable) and 15 historical day totals can be displayed.
  • Easy configurable via PC with free downloadable remote configuration tool and special communication cable (ACE01/02/06/07).
  • Auto backup of settings and running totals.
  • Hart Communication (E018).
  • High and low flow rate alarm monitoring (E018).
  • Linearization of the flow curve (E018 / E112 / E119)
  • Flow logging with 600 daily, 1500 interval and 724 event logs (E110 / E112).
  • Detects flow direction with quadrature signal inputs (E115).
  • Configurable ticket printing for (daily) totals or delivery tickets (E119).
  • Temperature and pressure compensation for corrected liquid/gas volume flow measurements (E126).
  • Versatile, 4-20mA loop powered multi-purpose indicator (E490).


The E-Series is extremely practical in use. The touch-through-glass keypad allows for a safe and effortless operation of all functionalities without having to remove the glass cover. The menu, display and navigation structure are designed according to the Fluidwell “know one, know them all” principle, which enhances easy and intuitive control of various Fluidwell totalizers, flow computers and other displays.

Touch-through-glass keypad

All info at a glance

The dual-line LCD display provides multiple flow data at a glance with a focus on simultaneous total and flow rate indication. Accumulated total, current day total (daily total), previous day total and the last 15 historical day totals are available as well. The speedometer offers a quick impression of the flow rate. For good readings in full sunlight and darkness, the E-Series has a bright backlight which can be set to a red flashing LED backlight in case of an alarm (E018).

Display example

Red flashing backlight (E018)

Explosion proof approvals

The E-Series has been certified according ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA c-us with an ambient temperature of -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F). For stainless steel -40°C to +67°C (-40°F to +153°F).

ATEX markings:
Gas: II 2 G Ex db IIC T6 Gb.
Dust: II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db.

IECEx markings:
Gas: Ex db IIC T6 Gb.
Dust: Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db.

CSAc-us / FM markings: (pending for E490)
XP (Explosion-proof): Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D.
DIP (Dust-Ignition-proof): Class II/III, Div. 1, Groups E, F & G.
: Class I, Zone 1, AEx d IIc T6 Gb.
: Zone 21, AEx tb IIIC T85°C Db.

Broad range of versatile products

The E-Series product range consists of seven flow rate indicators / totalizers and one multi-purpose indicator. Each model has its own dedicated functionality. Various options are available to add I/O's or specific features to each model.

Features E-Series Models
E018 E110 E112 E115 E119 E126-EL E126-EG E490
Simultaneous Flow rate & Total -
Daily total & 16 historical totals - - -
Red flashing backlight - - - - - - -
Input linearization - - - - -
Digital pulse output(s) 4 1 1 2 1 1 1 -
Relay output(s) 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 -
Digital alarm output(s) 4 - - - - - - -
Galvanically isolated, loop powered 4 - 20mA output 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -
Modbus Communication - -
HART Communication - - - - - - -
USB Port - - -
Receipt printer driver - - - - - - -
Data logging: 600 daily,
1500 interval, 724 event logs
- - - - - -
Bi-directional flow measurement - - - - - - -
Temperature compensation for corrected liquid volume flow - - - - - - -
Temp. & pressure compensation for corrected gas volume flow - - - - - - -
Multi-purpose display - - - - - - -
Ultra-low voltage drop <1.5V DC - - - - - - -

Recognizing the need for reliable and durable displays, Fluidwell has always pursued excellence in quality and reliability. To support this claim, the standard warranty period for all Fluidwell displays product series is two years from production date.
A three-year warranty from production date can be obtained by completing the online extended warranty request form within the first year from production date.

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Short lead times

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