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F-Series portfolio changes

Due to continuous improvement, our F-series portfolio has recently changed. We introduce the new F190 that replaces several discontinued products. Furthermore, we have updated the software of our F170 and F173 level monitors. This results in more dedicated level display features like dual displayed information - of the measured level, height or percentage - and a red flashing backlight in case of a level condition alarm.

We added the F190 General Purpose Monitor to our portfolio. This intelligent monitor combines the functionality of the F170 (level monitor), F090 (general purpose indicator) and the discontinued F143 (temperature monitor) and F153 (pressure monitor).
For more detailed information about the F190, check our F190 news item.

Because of the introduction of the new F190 General Purpose Monitor, we have discontinued the following products (for temperature and pressure applications): F141, F143, F151 and F153.

Check the complete product availability at our website or in the online product configurator for an up-to-date overview.
An updated reference guide, which is an easy guideline through our complete portfolio categorized per function group, can be downloaded here.

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